A one day workshop (split over 2 days) to prepare candidates for the BCS Business Analyst Diploma Oral Examination

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  • 1 day split into 2 x 0.5 days
    A one day workshop (split over 2 days) to prepare candidates for the BCS Business Analyst Diploma Oral Examination
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This Expleo Academy Workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to prepare for the BCS Business Analysis oral examination. The BCS examination is the final element of a programme leading to the industry-recognised BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Our 1-day revision and practice workshop is delivered by BCS-accredited professional trainers with a depth of experience in both business analysis roles and the BCS syllabus. The training delivery approach is immersive, so attendees will have the opportunity to experience exam-style interviewing on topics covered by the BCS syllabus. Attendees receive guidance on how to demonstrate the level of knowledge, ability to apply techniques, and personal qualities required of a practicing business analyst. The BCS strongly recommend attending an Examination Preparation Day to better understand the rationale of the Diploma exam questioning.

Course Objectives

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is intended to provide assurance that an individual will be able to work successfully in the role of a business analyst.

The BCS examination allows candidates to demonstrate that they have the capabilities, knowledge, and skills to be an effective business analyst.

Expleo Academy’s workshop helps attendees to prepare for sitting the BCS examination. Attendees will receive guidance on how best to demonstrate competency in the application of their knowledge, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills in a BCS oral examination.

Course Outline

The Business Context

  • The rationale for business analysis
  • Business environment analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business performance measurement
  • The lifecycle for business change


Business Analysis techniques

  • Investigating and documenting business situations
  • Stakeholder analysis and business perspectives
  • Modelling business activities
  • Business events and Business rules
  • Gap Analysis


Business Case development

  • Rationale for making a business case
  • Contents of a business case
  • Options and The financial case
  • Investment appraisal techniques
  • Risk analysis and Impact analysis
  • Lifecycle for the business case


Requirements Definition

  • Requirements engineering
  • Requirements elicitation, analysis, and validation


Requirements management and documentation

  • Requirements management and modelling
  • Change control and Version control
  • Tools in requirements management
  • Types of requirements
  • Documenting and cataloguing requirements

Knowledge-based specialism

  • The holistic view of a business system
  • Competencies of a business analyst
  • Professionalism and business analysis
  • Projects and business analysis


Practitioner specialism

  • Relevance of process modelling to the business analyst role and the organisation
  • An approach to modelling business processes
  • Rationale and relevance for modelling techniques
  • Application of modelling techniques

Note: Candidates are not required to draw models during the exam, but are expected to convey understanding of how to use techniques relevant to a particular business situation.


The BCS require you to have completed four Certificate level BCS Modules before sitting the International Diploma exam. The Modules must include Business Analysis Practice, Requirements Engineering, one knowledge-based specialist Module, and one practitioner specialist Module. At least one of these examination passes must have been achieved within the 12 months of the date of the oral examination, unless an exemption has been agreed with BCS.

Expleo Group offer training in the following Modules as a learning path to qualify for sitting the BCS Diploma exam:

  • BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice
  • BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering
  • BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes
  • BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis