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    November 17, 2020

    The Agile Tester

    Over the past number of years working as a Scrum Master, I’ve been lucky enough to experience quite a breadth of projects, throughout a number of organisations with varying degrees of Business Agility. Also, working…


    November 12, 2020

    Risk Based Testing?

    A few years ago, I was reading a paper that mentioned Risk Based Testing and it said: Risk Based Testing is: Risk IdentificationRisk AssessmentRisk Mitigation This started a series of thoughts for me.  First -…


    October 16, 2020

    BA Training – Why use Learning Pathways?

    We have been successfully delivering Business Analysis (BA) Training at Expleo Academy since 2014. Of the many ingredients in that success has been our ability to offer Learning Pathways for training in Business Analysis. So,…