Expleo Academy is focussed on expanding its training portfolio to include additional Software Engineering training and workshops into next year. We will be providing our delegates with access to the relevant skills, including JAVA, Python, Software Architecture, Selenium, Cucumber, Automation, Robotics and Cloud Based Development. It is a key development focus for Expleo Academy. We recognise that Software Engineering is an increasingly important discipline associated with the development of software products using well-defined scientific principles, methods and procedures that both our consulting and academy clients need. The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software is what Software Engineering training at our Academy will be underpinned by as we extend our portfolio of training in this area.

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  • Testmanagement bei Abnahmetest

    From €550.00
    1 day
    Das Seminar macht Sie mit der Planung und Verwaltung von User-Acceptance- Tests vertraut. Sie wissen, wie sich die kritische Rolle von User-Acceptance-Tests in den Software-Lebenszyklus integrieren lässt und können Projekt -und Produktrisiken identifizieren. Sie verstehen, das Testen hinsichtlich der Produktrisiken zu steuern und das Testmanagement entsprechend der Projektrisiken zu verwalten. Sie werden die Seminarinhalte praktisch anwenden und dabei u.a. ein Testkonzept entsprechend des Testplanungsproze
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/seminare/69-testmanagement-bei-abnahmetest https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/69-testmanagement-bei-abnahmetest/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • Testoutsourcing

    From €550.00
    1 day
    Mit dem Besuch des Seminars erhalten Sie einen Überblick über praktische und etablierte Vorgehensweisen. Von der Vorbereitung bis hin zur Übergabe der Testaktivitäten erhalten Sie einen detaillierten Einblick in die Best Practices für ein erfolgreiches Testoutsourcing.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/seminare/70-testoutsourcing https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/70-testoutsourcing/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • Testumgebung - das Management

    From €950.00
    2 days
    Sie können die Bausteine des systematischen Testumgebungsmanagements richtig einschätzen und auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Lösung zusammenstellen.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/seminare/72-testumgebung-das-management https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/72-testumgebung-das-management/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • Usability: Gebrauchstauglichkeit von IT-Systemen systematisch bewerten

    2 days
    Sie können IT-Systeme hinsichtlich der Gebrauchstauglichkeit bewerten und lernen, die wichtigsten Techniken zum Prüfen und Testen von Usability projektspezifisch zu selektieren und anzuwenden.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/seminare/167-usability-gebrauchstauglichkeit-von-it-systemen-systematisch-bewerten https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/167-usability-gebrauchstauglichkeit-von-it-systemen-systematisch-bewerten/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • DASA Certified DevOps Fundamentals

    From £1,399.00
    3 days
    DevOps Fundamentals is the starting point for anyone involved in an Agile and/or DevOps team. Improved workflows and faster deployment start with a core understanding of DevOps fundamentals by all team members.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/en/course-details.php?eventtemplate=206-dasa-certified-devops-fundamentals https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/206-dasa-certified-devops-fundamentals/region-NI/ Show all dates
  • iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture - Foundation Level (CPSA-F)

    From £2,800.00
    3 days
    The structure of a software system reflects its architecture. Each system has a specific architecture, whether achieved in a planned or an unplanned manner. High-quality architecture is the key aspect of the success of any development project. It ensures the operability, maintainability and the long-term protection of your investment.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/seminare/274-isaqb-certified-professional-for-software-architecture-foundation-level/ https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/274-isaqb-certified-professional-for-software-architecture-foundation-level-cpsa-f/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • Java Fundamentals

    From £1,700.00
    4 days
    Java is a widely used cross platform language with many classes available which makes it easy to implement almost any feature or functionality you can imagine.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/en/course-details.php?eventtemplate=304-java-fundamentals https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/304-java-fundamentals/region-NI/ Show all dates
  • Java Fundamentals

    From €1,200.00
    4 days
    Java fundamentals training is for those who are new to programming Java or object orientated programming. Java is a cross platform programming language widely used in the industry. Java has a massive collection of classes available. This makes it easy to implement almost any feature you would care to imagine. Java has the advantage that all the development tools you need are available for free, including IntelliJ, a powerful easy to use integrated development environment (IDE).
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/en/course-details.php?eventtemplate=259-java-fundamentals https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/259-java-fundamentals/region-AT/ Show all dates
  • Linux Essentials

    From R5,000.00
    2 Days
    Linux Essentials is aimed at people new to Linux. It lays the foundation necessary enabling candidates to have a good working knowledge of the command line. The course also provides an introduction to Linux scripting.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/en/course-details.php?eventtemplate=257-linux-essentials https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/257-linux-essentials/region-ZA/ Show all dates
  • Linux Essentials

    From £1,000.00
    2 days
    Linux Essentials lays the necessary foundations, enabling candidates to acquire a good working knowledge of the command line including shell scripting.
    https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/en/course-details.php?eventtemplate=303-linux-essentials https://expleoacademy.com/int/courses/303-linux-essentials/region-NI/ Show all dates