Continuous Quality is about continual improvement throughout business processes and projects, regardless of their maturity. Integration of continuous quality milestones with certified, agile and skilled employees throughout the full life cycle of a programme is the key to its success. At Expleo Academy, we offer a range of Internationally recognised, industry standard certifications in areas such as; Software Testing and Engineering, Requirements Verification, DevOps, Process Automation, Estimation and Quality Competency Infrastructures.

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  • SQL Fundamentals

    1 day LIVE online
    Expleo Academy’s interactive training of SQL Fundamentals enables you to construct database queries. This can be a key competency for any business or project stakeholder working with information systems. This course is a step in the Learning Pathway for today’s Business Analyst and Software Quality Analyst. Show all dates
  • Test Automation Fundamentals

    1 day
    This course introduces the concept of software test automation to those who have an interest or are about to embark on introducing test automation software into their test environment. Show all dates
  • Using Cucumber with Selenium

    2 days
    This course aims to provide a solid foundation to the attendee in understanding how to write Features and Scenarios using Gherkin and be able to run them as automated specifications eventually using Selenium. The objectives of this course are to not only teach the tool capabilities, but to also focus on practical steps in the real world. The course provides a hands-on walkthrough to allow attendees to understand the steps in making Cucumber Features and Scenarios in the real world. Show all dates
  • Using Selenium in CSharp with Workshop

    3 days
    This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to start learning all about Selenium from the initial IDE browser add-on all the way to creating your own CSharp project of automated tests using Selenium WebDriver in Visual Studio Code. Show all dates
  • Using Selenium with Workshop

    3 days
    This course covers the Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver. It also teaches the delegate how to create a Java project to run their own automated tests using both Selenium WebDriver and JUnit. Show all dates