This course is designed for launching new teams and trains, for re-launching existing teams and trains, and for individuals preparing to join existing teams and trains.

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  • 2 Full Days Live Online
    This course is designed for launching new teams and trains, for re-launching existing teams and trains, and for individuals preparing to join existing teams and trains.

Establishing Team Agility for Agile Release Trains

What does it mean to be part of an Agile team on an Agile Release Train (ART) that delivers value to customers? SAFe® for Teams covers the tactical skills to be a high-performing member of an ART. The course also gives you the guidance and tools to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. Get the most out of your learning experience by taking it in context with your team and other teams on your ART.

SAFe for Teams will teach you all about your role on an Agile team and how your team works with others as part of an ART. You’ll learn how to plan and execute work, how to apply Scaled Agile Framework® and Agile principles, and how to continuously improve. Taking the Scaled Agile Framework® for Teams with your team will empower all of you with the collective knowledge to collaborate effectively, do the best possible work, and hit the ground running before your next planning event.

Course Objectives

Attendees Learn:

  • Your role on the team and your team’s role on the ART
  • How to apply SAFe principles to scale Lean-Agile delivery
  • How to plan and execute iterations and PIs
  • How to continuously improve the ART

SAFe® for Teams answers the questions:

  • How does an Agile team function inside of an ART?
  • How do we as an Agile team plan and execute iterations and the PI?
  • How do we work with other teams on the ART to effectively deliver value?


Course Outline

Introducing SAFe

  • Business agility
  • Lean-Agile mindset
  • Core Competencies - APD and TTA
  • SAFe Core Values and Principle


Forming Agile Teams as Trains

  • Agile team characteristics
  • Agile team roles
  • Scrum and Kanban
  • ART characteristics
  • ART roles

Connect to the Customer

  • Customer-centric mindset
  • Product vision and roadmap
  • Story and Feature components

Plan the Work

  • Writing and estimation
  • Team Backlog
  • Team Planning
  • PI Planning

Deliver Value

  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Sync events
  • Built-in quality

Get Feedback

  • Feedback techniques
  • Team and System demo

Improve Relentlessly

  • Competency
  • Flow
  • Outcomes

There is no prerequisite course or certification. Pre-reading suggestions are issued in a welcoming email to those registered for a course.

Related Certifications

Attendees may consider attending role specific courses such as:

  • SAFe for Architects
  • SAFe for Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Agile Product Management
  • SAFe DevOps
  • SAFe for Scrum Masters
  • SAFe for Advanced Scrum Masters
  • SAFe for Release Train Engineers
  • Agile Software Engineering
Who should attend?

The course is intended for anyone working on an Agile team, as a tester, developer, analyst, scrum master, product owner or any other person with a skillset needed on a team. The course is suitable for a new set of teams about to launch as a new train, and for individuals joining existing teams and for individuals learning for the first time about how Agile teams behave and work together.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Course workbook and SAFe Studio access to help prepare you to take the certification exam, claim their digital badge, and tools to get started in your SAFe role
  • Remote learning via SAFe Virtual Classrooms (if course delivered in remote mode)
  • One-year membership to SAFe® Studio with your first class attendance
    • Platform access to e-learning modules and curated members-only content to support your SAFe transformation
    • Member discussion forums to engage in ongoing conversations on the SAFe framework or how to better perform as part of an Agile Team
    • Curated content-playlists based on your interests and roles, including templated resources and facilitation guides to get you started
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice SAFe every day
  • SAFe® 6.0 Practitioner certification exam

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