Looking to learn about automation? Expleo Academy has 4 courses that could be extremely valuable pitstops on your automation learning pathway, regardless of whether you’re an established automation expert or a manual tester.

Test Automation Fundamentals

Delegates can now access their training environments remotely

If you’re new to automation and just want to know the fundamentals, then this course is for you.

The courses goes through the who, what, why, when, where and how of automation. Attendees partake in exercises that flag what you should consider when transferring a manual test into an automated test.

Those who attend this course garner exposure to a handful of open-source tools that can be of huge benefit to their automation journey (i.e. Selenium*).

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*Selenium: the 34th element in the periodic table and a set of tools and libraries to enable and support web browser automation. This blog covers the second of those definitions.

Expleo Academy delivers multiple courses that showcases how to use Selenium. Just keep reading!

Using Selenium with Workshop

This is our own popular, home-produced course that teaches you how to write selenium tests using Java and JUnit.

This course takes the trainees through each necessary step needed to generate an automated test in your own development environment.

These steps include:

  • creating a test script using the Selenium IDE
  • exporting it into a Java Junit test
  • creating your own Java project
  • importing your test into your new project
  • executing this test

The course also covers reading data from spreadsheets, page objects, interacting with various web elements including iFrames and also debugging a test script that doesn’t work correctly.

Why everyone loves this course so much?

Well, on the third day is a workshop, each delegate is given exercises to complete, with as much time as necessary given to complete each exercise. A lot of delegates love the fact that they can take their time to get the hang of the various concepts and coding covered in the first 2 days.

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Using Cucumber with Selenium

Using Cucumber with Selenium

This course covers a wide range of topics including, testing (using the Cucumber framework) to run code using Selenium and Java. During the course, trainees will work their way through creating a series of basic features and scenarios using the Gherkin language. Trainees learn how to link the Features to Step Definitions and then ultimately point the step definitions to the code that runs the automation against our web application.

The course highlights how everything links together while giving everyone the time and autonomy to try it out for themselves while being provided with additional features and coding scenarios.

The opportunity to try Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is also provides, as Expleo Academy provides a blank website location to redirect the cucumber framework to.

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A4Q Selenium Foundation

This is the accredited course as provided by Alliance for Qualification (A4Q).

This course gives a background to why we use automation, frameworks and understanding the structure of HTML and XML. It also covers learning to create scripts with Python and pytest.

What does the course entail?

Not only do trainees get to write scripts that interact with web elements, learn about page objects and keyword driven testing as well as receiving iFrames, alerts and prompts too.

Another aspect of the course is that there is a personal training environment to complete all of the practical exercises. These Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances are available for the duration of the course to all trainees. They are fully configured with IDEs to enable each user to dive straight into investigating web pages and writing automated tests.

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John Kurowski has been delivering training for over 10 years specialising in Automation, Agile and ISTQB. Not only does he deliver, but he also develops the courseware and creates virtual machines in AWS for automation courses.
John has been working in IT for over 30 years.
He has also been a tester, developer, various managers, support consultant (you get the picture…) John has three sons and two cats.

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